Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer: The actual Terms and Conditions are the ones written on the german page. This is just a translation to help you understanding those. If you have trouble understanding some part of the text below, please feel free to write us.

The rental property is a non-smoking property, fully furnished and equipped and is rented with the following equipment for occupancy of 8 - 14 people:

Complete apartment with 4 bedrooms. Bedroom 1: double bed, 1 single bed and 1 double sofa bed, bedroom 2: 1 double bed 140 x 200 cm and 1 single bed 90 x 200 cm. Bedroom 3: 2 single beds 90 x 200 cm. Bedroom 4: 2 double beds 140 x 200 cm. WC and shower. A washing mashine. Complete kitchen with dishwasher and living room with TV.

Rental time, arrival and departure

The rental property is rented for the period from (arrival day) to (departure day) to the tenant.

Arrival is on the day of arrival between 17.00 and 20.00

The departure is on departure day at 11.00 a.m.

Other arrival and departure times must be agreed with the landlord / administrator.

After the end of the rental period, the tenant has vacated the property and swept clean in a proper condition to the landlord / administrator to hand over and hand over the keys to the landlord / administrator.

If you do not want to empty the dishwasher, then we take this for a fee of 10.00 € as well as the cleaning of the garden grill, especially the grill grate by 10.00 Euro. These amounts will then be withheld from the deposit.

Rental price and method of payment

The rental price for a maximum of 14 persons can be found in the price list

The amount is payable as follows:

Deposit for the reservation is 25% of the total price. The contract is valid only after the deposit and the rental conditions are thus recognized.

Balance due 4 weeks before arrival

The security deposit of Euro 150,00 is to be paid at the final payment and will be refunded after 7 days, if no damages were made in the apartment. In case of damage, the deposit will be retained and refunded after settlement with the restoration of the damaged items. If between the conclusion of the contract and the day of the beginning of the lease less than 4 weeks, the entire amount immediately after conclusion of the contract to the account of the landlord to be transferred.

The account details will be sent to you by e-mail.

If the tenant is in default of payment by more than 14 days, the landlord is entitled to terminate the contract without further notice without notice and to rent the property elsewhere.

Cancellation and cancellation of stay

If the hirer cancels (terminates) the contract before the start of the lease, without naming a new tenant who enters into the contract on the same terms, the following pro rata rent (excluding the final cleaning) shall be paid as compensation, taking into account the saved expenses, if another Rental is not possible:


- 49 days before arrival: 10% of the rental price

- up to 35 days before arrival: 30% of the rental price

- 21 days before arrival: 60% of the rental price

- 14 days before arrival: 80% of the rent

- Otherwise (later than 14 days before arrival) 90% of the rent.

Nevertheless, the landlord makes every effort to rent the property elsewhere.

If the tenant breaks off the stay prematurely, he remains obliged to pay the full rental price.

A cancellation or cancellation can only be made in writing. Decisive is the day of receipt of the declaration by the landlord.

The landlord can withdraw from the contract up to 6 months before the start of the stay, as well as at any time, if circumstances beyond its control do not make this necessary, in particular in the case of force majeure or wandering, and at any time during the stay in the event of non-fulfillment of the contract by the renter. In the case of the resignation of the landlord, this already refunded deposit payments immediately. In the case of a resignation before the specified period or due to force majeure, no claims of the renter for compensation or compensation. If the landlord withdraws from the contract at the beginning of this period due to circumstances which are attributable to him or a third party, he must seek to find substitute accommodation which is suitable for carrying out a measure of the planned kind. A precise qualitative comparability does not have to be given. Any additional costs of the replacement accommodation or a further arrival shall be borne by the landlord up to the amount of the agreed accommodation fee. The liability of the lessor for additional costs, claims for damages and other claims of the tenant are limited to half of the agreed accommodation fee.

Liability and obligations of the renter

The rental property including the furniture and the other objects located in it are gentle to treat. The hirer must encourage the persons accompanying and / or visiting him to care. The tenant is liable for culpable damage to the rental property, the furniture or other objects in the rental property by him or him accompanying persons.

Defects that arise when taking over the rental property and / or during the rental period are to be reported to the landlord immediately in a suitable form. The keeping of animals in the rental property is not allowed House rules: The house rules are part of the lease. The renter agrees to abide by the house rules. This is located in the rental property.

Liability of the landlord

The tenant must notify the lessor of possible complaints in the context of the duty to mitigate damage. This and the possible minimization of the damage are part of the tenant's obligation to cooperate. Otherwise, there is a claim of the landlord to reduce the claims of the tenant from contributory negligence.

The landlord is not liable for damage or theft of property and assets, cloakroom or valuables, neither in the area of the building nor the grounds. The lessor is liable for damage to persons only insofar as he has caused them grossly negligently or intentionally.

Services of third parties: For third party services, the landlord is merely an intermediary. Disputes with these are subject to their contractual provisions and are to be settled directly between the renter and the service provider. Claims between tenants and service providers can not be accepted by the landlord.

Changes and additions to this contract must be in writing. This also applies to the amendment of this written form clause.

Severability clause

Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective or unenforceable after the conclusion of the contract, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the rest. The ineffective or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by an effective and enforceable provision whose effects come as close as possible to the economic objective pursued by the contracting parties with the invalid or unenforceable provision.

This contract is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany